The world is changing at an unprecedented speed. We are provoked to think and behave with agility, evolving continuously in response to new demands and redefined parameters.  Creative practitioners are not immune to this flux, rising to the occasion with new ways of seeing, thinking, and creating.  Embracing this change, a new cultural collective has emerged with the aim to engage with experimental work and curious observers.

How does the meaning of community change within a digital narrative?  What is the relationship between the digital world and our tangible reality?  Could we be looking at an era where the conventional gallery space mutates experiences as metamorphosis? We are at the cusp of a world where digital realms are just as important - if not more influential - than the physical.

As we retreated into a virtual world and became virtual citizens, our presence becomes more abstract. Now is the time to curate under digital conditions. Artistic communities must have full access to a global network; a system that allows them to be globally connected and visible.  Alternative and more democratic art spaces are required.  We are witnessing a disappearance - we must explore, document, and experiment with paths that lead beyond physical exhibitions.  

Digital exhibition space is far more flexible than the architecturally defined physical realm. Without these structural constraints, the narrative of the artwork has the opportunity to expand into an all-encompassing protagonist.                                               

Nation 2.0 is an artist-run project that features emerging and mid-career artists from all over the world. It is a global, digital exhibition space that features commissioned art projects by artists interested in embracing experimental space. These works take shape beyond the ‘white cube’ and create new a new context for consuming art, allowing new forms of expression to emerge. Nation 2.0 will embrace flexible, dynamic, and interactive digital dimensions.